To Garry - Rust & its updates

Hello, first off wana say that Rust has the potential to be the good game it should be.

As we all know it is still in Alpha so before you reply… I already know it is
I am quite tierd of Rust as it is right now and so is the guys i am playing with, we are a team on 15 guys teaming up, we constantly get pwnd by macroing idiots, hackers and lately naked bowmen.
I will start with macro, right now people use 1-5 food per click and 1-5 medkits per click = loads of hp regen… we like to play normally with out abusing things that has not yet been fixed.
Hackers, i am sure we all have seen them so far… speed hacking and flyhacking to get the loot from air drops mid air or just randomly disappear from you when you are chasing them 1 meter behind them (not logging out)…
Just now i got killed by a guy i raided, i killed him then he respawned on his indestructable sleeping bag and before he touched me i got 4-5 stone axe hits on him “naked and fresh spawned” i had taken all his food and medkits… yet 2 stone hits kills me while 4-5 does nothing “hack? or just glitchy game?”…
Bow… while a BRILLIANT idea which i 100% support… i think releasing it on live servers “while i realise wer in alpha” why not make sure it is working properly before destroying the servers AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN with new updates… Here is my suggestion to prevent this perticular thing… Pats server have a few join it for lets say… 3 hours and test out new things then if working as intended and not Bow meets arrow… arrow meets wall… arrow win and suddenly all good players got raided by the guy who just started and crafted a bow…

Not sure if anything can be fixed in a simple way and i am in no way blaming you for being in a hurry to release things as there is alot of pressure on the team of Rust… but i would really like to see you guys take a tiny bit longer with some more effort before doing any big changes and updates atleast have a testing squad who really tries to abuse it to find its flaws.

Thanks for reading
Glory to Rust

Maybe a cooldown system for each item will solve that. Though people have suggested some kind of animation when eating food or using medkit which works in the same way.

Yeah something to prevent it would be fabulous.

Hopefully Garry will give Pat/Helk access to the EU server, from what I’ve seen / heard there doesn’t seem to be any Metal building parts in-game (Unless someone has finally found some please correct me) as well as the Bow issue still being there.

Would be nice if all of the servers would recieve the hotfix at the same time. But yea the cooldown on items would help stop the spamming of medkits and such.

For one thing, you can’t really fix macroing. Macroing isn’t a bug. It’s literally an outside program making mouseclicks and typing things for you. It’s not really cheating, but it is rather unfair in some situations.

As for the second thing, this is just not how testing works. It’s easy to say that “oh you should have tested on Pat’s server with a few people before releasing it” because we know already know what the problem was. Mods do test their stuff out on their own before they release it. They release to a massive amount of players at once so that bugs like this can be found quickly. With only a few people testing beforehand, there’s not much of a chance it is going to be found by that group and it just extends the development time.

Thats like saying modded controlers are not really cheating

I hope the hackers kill you guys more often, its funny watching you cry on the forums.

Rust even worth getting or are all the players 10?

When I say “cheating”, I’m referring to using hacks, cheats, etc. to do things that would be impossible for you to do under any circumstance.

When people use the food/healthkit/whatever macro, they’re doing something that they could do without a macro, but they’re just saving keypresses by using the macro. They’re simply binding it to one button instead of two. Some games allow macros, and some don’t.

Give me and my team of guys 1 hour before each release and 90% of the bugs would be found as long as we are provided with everything we need to conduct tests to atleast clear the most ovbious things like bows destroying walls, there is no reason to release it before it is fixed imo.

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Once this is on Steam and has it’s own client rather than web based, shouldnt most of the macroing should be fixed, jey or ney? Also right now you can alter codes in the webbrowser to manipulate the game… if you are good enough.


You heard it here first. We don’t need a massive amount of testers. All we need is Wiken and his group of superior testers to find almost every bug.

Would you agree that with out these macros it would be impossible for these players to press these buttons that fast in the first place, cause if it was possible for them to do that then they would not be using macros.

I know people have different key bind and some cant press certain buttons due to disabilities but this is more rigging the game in away to have an advantage like double tap triggers on controllers. Which is cheating

What do you mean by “fixing” macros?

Atleast i am trying. :quagmire:

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Well if they are by passing any kind of cooldown - it could be by altering browser codes, so in steam shouln’t this be fixed.

What do you mean by “browser codes”? Macros are things like AutoHotkey, where you script a couple of actions to one key that applies to ALL programs. Rust can’t tell between you hitting your keyboard and a macroing program.

Cooldown would make it so that it does not matter how many times your press it you can only do so many presses in a certain amount of time.

But that would suck for players who actually press things that fast.

You’re a fucking moron if you seriously expect an Alpha to run perfectly fine without any problems? You guys paid for an just that, an unfinished game. The game is not officially “released” so stop bitching about it.

As for macroing, on my logitech keyboard, its literally just you assigning a number of key presses and/or a combination of keys to indiviual keys on your keyboard. Don’t like people doing it? Too bad, you can’t really ban people for using em. Suck it up and get a decent keyboard.

It happened to some console games cause of double tap triggers but it the only way to stop that sort of cheating


It doesn’t really help to just say “No” and not really explain anything behind your reasoning.