To Garry: What are you doing?

Linux binaries have been crippled for months now, and you do not even seem to care. I’ve contacted you in multiple ways with no replies.

You obviously know about the issue, you’ve responded before, November 12th, 2010 & November 16th, 2010.

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The Linux binaries need to be fixed, or discontinued. It’s kind of annoying that you won’t even reply to the topic, I understand being busy, but 2 months without an answer, is quite ridiculous. Please re-investigate the Linux weld constraint issue.


Linux ftw!!!

Bump, I’m pming to Garry, once again. Somebody else please do the same.

An older vphysics fixes the vehicle bug, but I don’t know anything about this. Linux doesn’t have priority for shit, for now I just use wine for guaranteed stability.

Yeah I don’t currently have the option to do that.


Bump, I have now had others attempt to contact Garry. Still no response. This needs to be fixed.

Okay we get it, no need to spam the forums, only like 1% of the time will he reply to these kind of things on the forums.

Garry is too busy slowly destroying garrysmod with updates to ever respond.
But we love him so it’s okay.

What are you talking about spam? I bumped my thread every 24 hours. This is a major issue.

Actually, I am part of the community that wtr runs, and we have a very stable server, but when people use houses or buildings that have welds, and stand on them, the server fps drops to like 3 or 4. We are supposed to have a consistent 1000fps server. And, don’t say its because they are unfrozen. When it starts to lag, we have a command to freeze EVERY thing in the server and it still lagging. Only explanation would be contraints. HOPE HE FIXES THIS SOON! IT WILL MAKE GMOD THAT MUCH MORE COMPATIBLE ON OTHER OS!

Thank you for posting, ImpurityOne.

And yes, it is 100% because of the welds, Garry once again, knows about the issue. I sent another email last night, attempting to get in touch with someone, no response as of yet.

Bump, still a major issue.

Stop fucking bumping your own thread. Nobody wants to hear you whine.

This is far from whining.
Please learn the difference of whining and reporting bugs.

I have a Linux server, yet to have problems. So… I dont see the binarys NEEDING an update

Linux binaries are very unstable unfortunately. Crashes right away when someone spawns a jeep or an airboat!

Hope Garry could at least take a look for the next big update…

Bumping for Stability and justice

I hardly think anyone gives 2 shits about Linux.

Anyone without a brain maybe.

I run all my dedicated boxes on W2008 only because of garrysmod. However, if Garry would stop being such a prick and ignoring people I’m sure people would be much less hostile. If you can’t/won’t fix it them remove support for linux. Acknowledge the issues, just do something.

Sorry big as your ego can be, breaking binaries and not updating them for this long is stupid.