To Garry's Newman

Hello Garry would like to ask if you can buy beta keys? please reply
coolld5 greet :slight_smile:

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I wish mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Garry has a Newman? Is that like a new kind of walkman or something?

yes :slight_smile:

Where would one acquire a newman?

This might get you banned, read forum rules buddy

I’d like a newman too!

ok,ok i was wrong sorry /;

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Is this where we sign up to buy those newman disk players all the kids are talking about?

If somebody offers you to buy a key from him, it’s probably a scam. Just wait for your turn (I don’t even have a key myself…)

Neither have I…

No, wait

I do.


Actually, that wasnt funny.

send me the dosh over paypal and ill make sure it reaches garry

then ill giva ya the bloody key

How about this? rustkeys dot com

I’ll give you my login info if you can name another forum more autistic and shit ridden than this subforum.
[sp]you can’t[/sp]

LoL forums or Blizzard forums. :wink: Pay me!

It’s a Walkman with Apple Newton functionality.

I remember the first time I Garry’d my Newman…