To keep warm, to keep cozy, to keep our lives.

I know it can’t compare with much on this site, but I’m trying to improve, taking screenshots with the amount of detail in the background with Super DoF brought me down to 9 fps… Was horrible. Alas, I edited in the fire and a couple little things. I hope you enjoy the song and picture.

Sorry for the blank ;_;

Derp, I really don’t know why I gave the guy on the right a drink. Unless he lifts his mask every time he drinks that wouldn’t be so fair for him. Such is life in the zone.

I like the idea of this image. Why are the cinder blocks transparent though?

… I can’t see a picture.

I’m sure that the fire is overlapping the blocks, could be that I edited it wrong though.

Try it now, I had to reupload.

these stalker poses are lame

also the fire needs heat distortion.

It’s a bit blurry but it’s pretty nice.

A lot better than the torture pic.
Blurring looks a bit akward but otherwise I like it.
Usually stalkers use a barrel though.

Will remember that for next time, do you mean like a ripple effect?:

Obviously it’d be less, but if that’s it, it would definitely give me a clue.

Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I tried to focus the best I could using the numbers, but it skips sometimes when fps gets past a certain low point. Or stutters, which ever word you want to use.

Aye, I was going to use a barrel, but it would of gotten in the way of the window, or well the model I was using was going too. Thank you though.

They’re construction S.T.A.L.K.E.Rs. I like the posing as I can’t really see any clipping, and the fire editing is good. I like it. 10/10.

Something about this picture looks very good. Not sure what though.

Certainly glad you like it :slight_smile:

Heh, I just wished I could of found more decent bricks of some sort, cause that’s what most people would use in any kind of campfire. Thank you.

IDk it sorta seems like they said “Hey lets douse these valuable cinder blocks with valuable gasoline so we can start a fire.” “Thats right, fuck leaves and dead plants.”.

The blocks are surrounding a patch of what looks like dead grass.
Now I’m not a fire enthusiast but I am PRETTY SURE that would work.

Aye, when I went camping with a couple of friends the grounds had no fire wood, so we just used bark and some dead grass, we dug a hole and set fire to the grass then put the bark over top of it. Worked well.

Cinderblocks are worth literally nothing, doubly so in a place that is rife with crumbling buildings that nobody cares about :psyduck:

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byyyyyy the way, pretty sure those blocks are to stop the fire from getting out of control. a pile of dead grass and leaves can turn into an all-consuming inferno very quickly.

It can yeah, but physics don’t apply to STALKER! :smiley:

Singing in gas masks, YEAH!
Just like pyro.