To lazy to use google? Thread.

Alright, so I have seen lots of threads lately, saying HELP! with something pretty easy to do, with looking it up on google, or using common sense. So I wanted to make this thread for all those threads that only require one post to answer, I want this thread to be something where people can go to for help, basically a 24/7 tutorial thread, that if someone has a question they can post it INSIDE this thread and hopefully be answered by someone who knows what they are doing.

I will also try and stay up to date and answer as many question as i am able to do.

Now I would suggest to use google before posting here, but if you are to lazy or you haven’t found anything, then post here.

Wow. You made a thread out of it.

Of course! Because I don’t like idiots like you who post I need a good Door Tut. who can EASILY! search on google and find what you are looking for, instead of filling up the mapping section with useless threads with a one post answer.

Become a mod and ban the idiots. Or start using the google emote. :google:

this may seem a bit off topic but its better than making a thread and map_pimpage wont help

should i make my map like this or underground?

I would love to become a mod, but yet, I don’t know how, and i doubt they need any more.

I think that would be fine in map pimpage thread…

didnt know about that emote BJK xD


no im asking, should i make it above ground like that, or under ground?


pimpage thread wont answer

The other resource we have is stickied at the top of the mapping section. The mappers encyclopedia is your one stop shop for idiotic questions like “what is a brush” (asked by TwistedFate), “how do i make a door” (asked by BurningPride), and “how do i make buildings” (vgcats).

Guys, there is a sticky for all these stupid questions and more…please use it. If you need expansion on points, or something that isn’t listed in the tutorials, then please ask.

BurningPride. NEVER asked how to make a door. He asked for a door tutorial. I understand he could’ve used google, but obviously he’s new. And all the others. So you all really need to get over it. Really. They’re noobs. Like we’ve never seen that before. We were all noobs before.

And that’s no excuse. I used google, and so did everyone else.

I know. But still.

Still what? That was your argument, and now it’s gone.

I bet you only a few people read the sticky.

Exactly. We should refer them there.

Exactly, a thread that moves up and down on the lines but (hopefully will be used and on front page). Where people can see and more you post your question, you may get an answer

No, the stick is there on the front lines, on the front page, even highlighted in yellow with QUESTION MEGATHREAD in the title. It cannot be anymore obvious, we don’t need anything else. Everyone should go there.

You also asked for a door tutorial AND how to make a skybox.

We have a sticky for those kinds of questions…otherwise the front page is swarmed with stupid questions, instead of cool wip threads.

How do you make proper graffitis?

Decal/Overlay tool.

TH3_L33T you’re over reacting, even making threads about it. You’re not the only one who has to look at the shit, just ignore it.