To much Technology!?!?

I am thinking guns, C4, etc should not be in game.

Keep it simple.
Bows, hatchets, knifes, stuff like that.
Way to many have guns and the noobs and other low levels get decimated
early on. They don’t have a chance at even getting started.

I was on a server that said noobs welcome. Got in and got killed several times.
Didn’t even have a chance at finding anything.

For a survival game, it has gone way to tech, to fast.

Its my opinion.

I don’t think there’s been any definitive period this game is meant to be in, most “Noobs Welcome” servers often employ a rule preventing more advanced players from killing new/naked players. You should consider talking to the server admin / moving to another server if you’re having issues.

Have gone to other servers.
And same happens.
After awhile, you get frustrated cause you cant play and learn.
You always die.

I think it is just a few players that go around to different servers to just kill people.

I’ll give it one more shot.

Make a small shack as soon as you can and take short trips until you have enough ore for a metal door and wood for a 1x1 house.

I’ve had way more success by doing this when I’m new on a server.

I agree that they should remove all military weapons and C4, but not all weapons completely! The Hunting rifle, pipe shotgun, and revolver are great weapons for rust and i think they should add more guns with that rustic look.

Server admins have control over what drops(via loot table). If a no-military weapons game mode is wanted, I will gladly start a server for it. I think it could be fun. If you want a server like this, send me a message on here or on Steam and if over 10 people show interest, I will put up the server tonight.

Post a link to your steam profile pls, its easier to find u then.

I like the idea of more survival feeling and less shooter.
Maybe that bow would help to get rid of modern guns:

How is someone supposed to raid without c4? Grenades are miserable for it.

Building catapults with wood, stones leather etc. should be also fine.
Imagine a horde of nakes coming along with a giant catapult and firing big stones to your base. Dat epicness. :3

Garry plans on adding electricity to the game, this clearly isn’t a “caveman” game like everyone thinks it is, It’s a post apocalyptic. It makes no sense how there would be 0 technology left.

I Thought Garry was removing guns, as they were placeholders, but it would be cool if you had to salvage for tech, and it would take a long time to retrieve techs.

No probably its not, but you could start as caveman and change to a moderm human.
As u start wit ha stone u have “to level up” to reach better gear and equip.
Later then u got a bow, first gun, maybe electricy?

I don’t think the technology is the problem your having.


we need


It’s been pointed out a few hundred times before that the military weapons are placeholders, they came with the Unity Engine which is why they look so good. They’re eventually going to be replaced with more Rust appropriate weapons, and I look forward to the day when I have to protect my crops, my rain collector and my cobbled together electrical generator from the same people who are shooting me in the face now!

I don’t mind the weapons as much as the easy access to ammo. Make people work for those bullets and they won’t shoot every naked guy they run into.

Bullets are hard,

Seriously, Why not have so much tech, if this game changed to using muskets, I’d kill myself.

i look at it as, that the grid fell in america,everybody is in the forest and everybody has some tech

The problem you’re having has nothing to do with there being guns in the game. It’s the lack of balancing of those guns, and the research, recipe and random loot system that makes it too easy to obtain them, and get ammunition, that leads to people wasting bullets on fresh spawns rather than saving them for a raid.

Guns belong in the game, and are fun to use, but need to be balanced until the best guns are rare and only used by people who have been playing in a server for a long amount of time.

I agree with you that as soon as they start adding a variety of weapons like knives and spears in updates, that it should be much harder to build a gun so you’re encouraged to build your way up.