TO RUST DEV TEAM : Raiding, Crafting , Cold and Pitch Black Night.

I think raiding needs to be harder. Its just to easy. To make a c4 does not take that much materials and u can make it easy. Wooden wall takes 1 c4 if u know how to place it, and ur in someones house taking his stuff. I think it needs to be changed that maybe its harder to make c4’s or get c4’s and make that a wall would take more c4’s to blow down. As now its just to easy. And u don’t ave that much stuff to defend ur base.

It is to easy to craft and get all blueprins. I had about 85% of all blueprints in first day. And I was able to craft all weapons, all armors, all items. I was left just to research some metal bilding parts. And after I got everything that quick. It was not fun to play anymore. I think u need to reduce chance of getting best items blueprints or actual items really low. As I got all Kevlar set blueprints in about 1h. Its just to easy. There is no competition. No time spending and excitement if u get some good blueprint. I had 1 full Big Box of blueprints that I no longer need. I think it needs to be made that it would be hard to get good items. That way the game would be more exiting and ore time tacking. That’s why people left the game so early. Because u can get everything in 2 days max.

I think it needs to be changed that u will need to wear clothes. As now when I farm I go naked…So if I die I do not loose anything. And I go naked At night. I think it needs to be changed that during the day u do not regain health and food goes down more quick. And At night u would start tacking dmg if u stay away from the fireplace for extended period of time with no clothes…(Similar to radiation). Aswell u could make that that would change ur game. (E.G. If ur with no boots or pants that would make u run slower, if ur with no Vest or hat it would make ur AIM move more from side to side and maybe even shake as u get chills.

But its only my opinion and sugestions. Feel free to comment and say I u would like it or not.


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I forgot to add something about Pitch black night,

Pitch Black Night:
I think it needs to be back. As now u can farm easily at night. I have DELL XPS with “Diamond” display. And I see everything at night. I don’t need flashlight or torch. And I think those things are no longer needed in game. I loved that pitch black night. It had a good impact on game experience. It was fun to that u could not see anything and if ur lost n the night u just need to get In to some corner and wait. That’s why RUST was different form other games. But it no longer is. After u changed that pitch black night it is no longer fun to try to raid at night with a flash light and stuff as u can see perfect without one. Well I think it NEEDS to be back.

But as I said its only my opinion. Feel free to comment and leave ur opinions.

P.S. I don’t think that Garry or Dev team will ever see it LOL. But anyway.

Pitch black night and gamma “cheat” prevention would do a lot for the game. As is it’s suicide not to boost you’r gamma.

Stopped reading after this. Your argument is invalid, it now takes 2 c4 to blow a wood wall.

Evan if its 2… To make 2 c4’s it takes nothing… Its so easy to raid now.

Maybe play on a high pop server, as lone wolf? That can be pretty hard!
There is no difficult settings ofcorse but I see it like this: low pop server is easy mode, you can get everything you want in a day. Medium pop server is normal mode it gets a bit harder. High pop server is Hardcore mode. You get KOS-ed in a blink of an eye en raided al the time. (Without a clan ofcorse)

Cold and crafting 100% agree… Over raiding point , u need tuo think Over solo players :wink:

well Im a solo player most of the time. And I think that raiding is to easy.