To start after all people gonna tell oh its just a kid crying so read first.....

I like rust amazing game but when u get killed by ha…er its not cool . we work hard to find resource and stuff and come’s one guy with no clip and steal our stuff its not cool . if u think i lie go see the kills that guy have always head shot.
Just one thing if u banned me because i speak the true. Well your game its awesome but if u ignore the things on forum like hacking stuff u maybe lose players and more players and after all i don’t have anything to lose but u have -1 player its not much but…
So if u don’t believe see example:

The name its so popular in site’s of cheating and banned from BF4. if u search on google u see the name in website cheating and battle logs its so amazing.


And plz don’t ban me just try to understand situation because we try to play and we get killed by 1 guy just give us 99% headshot and 360º all the time.

u have the links to check the guy.

(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive therad title, spell properly, missed the hackers report thread" - postal))