To stop the base griefing, might I suggest ...

We currently have two “not fun” situations in the game; 1) not being able to pick up walls and foundations when misplaced, and player griefing of raided bases.

I am suggesting a “claim” object.
It works independent of the tool cabinet.
It does not stop building authorized by the too cabinet.
You only get one per player.
It cannot be destroyed.
It deteriorates and must be maintained (like high stone walls now).
It would have the same area of influence of a tool cabinet.
It cannot be placed in the influence of another claim.
It can be picked up, so if the player wants to move they can, making the base fair game.

The object would allow the owner of the claim, within its influence, to pick up and move architectural objects. There can be a materials penalty for picking object up (or destroying them if the Devs prefer).

This would solve the problem of misplaced items (like high walls), allowing for modification and expansion of bases, and it would stop the player griefing by completely destroying someone’s base by building walls and stairs all through it to make it unusable.

I have personally ruined my base designs by trying to place a wall, and because of no in-game tool to align the wall, when you misaligned it (without the C4 or rocket launcher BPs) you’re screwed. And I have already lost two friends who quit the game because a week or more of work was ruined by griefers who just ran through their place, building dozens (or more in one case) of metal walls and stairs.

well, do better protection in cupboards LOL
i think, no one grief my bases with walls or other constructions. Almost all time i never get raided anyway… stop crying and play smart. about pick-up itens… walls can be destroyed in 10 minutes (may i wrong in the time) using the hammer. If you want expand the base, think about how you can build a small base and upgrade to a bigger base before start. I do it and are really easy.

Next time read the actual post and understand issue(s).

My original post has nothing to do with stopping raiding, or complaining about raiding. And there is ZERO whining in there. :frowning:

looks like you’re new to the rust forum. baseless accusations and children being as immature/whiney as they claim others to be seems to be the norm, in addition to a lack of reading

Thank you for offering to take on the role of my father. But I am good.

My original post had nothing to do with raiding, it was about AFTER the raid has taken place and issues with the building system.

Might I further offer for your future reference, how many times one has posted, and when they finally chose to join a forum to participate … has nothing to do with how long someone has played the game, or how long they have been reading the forums.

Have a good day.

There are two reasons to raid, steal their resources and/or destroy their base.

You don’t have to level a base to destroy it. Its much easier to build a bunch of crap that makes it unusable.

So yes, ‘griefing’ in the end, is just an extension of raiding and destroying someones base.

Sometimes its too difficult/costly to get to the loot, but you can still destroy it, or block access to it.

Well said FunYun. If that is the approach/design Facepunch wants to go with, I am fine with that.

I think at the moment, its more a matter of circumstance than design.

If that weren’t, they would have left it that once you have control of the tool cabinet (which is the holy grail in this game), you could just take down the entire base (like it used to be, but they stopped).

so i really said that, to not be griefed is just hidden smart your cupboard. LOL
when someone enter my base, is really more rare they get close to loot or cupboard, and i really never are griefed in rust bases. since the cupboard become a think is really hard to do this kind of atack. if you build some point of your base without cupboard the problem is over you and your bad design, if you build in someway all raiders get the cupboard and block the bed room or loot room is you bad design problem again. Now go out from this forum, because for years is the same bullshit kind of posts days after days and bla bla bla… may i need create a default text anti dumbas like you. I really prefer when someone raid me and get away if all loot but still my base than lost all my building time.

And for years and years, the rest of us have to put up with people like you who they they are so cool and above it all. LOL! Sad actually.

no no no… i just play the game without spamming they mechanic are bad… i quit games with bad mechanics… rust is a fucking big hearty for people who adapt youself to be more productive and effective agains all mechanics the game offert for all players… if offline raid is possible, i can do it or someone can do it over me. then i think in one way somehow no one will focus in my bases when i am offline.
I play this game solo, i don’t are the master killer or even the untouched guy… actually i die a lot and lost weapons every time. But i know what i can lost, and what i need do to grow in all senses of the word, base power, personal power, weapons power. not wasting my time with shit… and maxima all i can to do my progress really fun to me. if they start add anti offline raid like magical boost walls i will sure exploit it someway or leave the game because the game just not are more hardcored think. now if they start putting wall traps celling traps, poison mines, auto-shooting shotguns in door if someone try to enter it with, maybe wrong password i will love it.

Its very easy to find the cupboard in small houses. There is no special tactic. A 10X10 have 100 foundations. Its much harder to find the right one of the 100. A 3X3 have 9 foundations. There is not much space to hide it. And dont say build bigger now.

yeap, but bigger houses bigger loot, why people will spend C4 in 2x2x1 stone house? and bigger bases have more exploit points i already jump over a wall in big bases found open door and thief weapons and some resources without be noticeded in other case a giant base i used 8 C4 to find more C4 LOL really fun for me, the defenders start hunting me in everywhere i still inside the base until they all sleep put a hole in other walls and get more loot, leave out all loot i can’t hold in ground and kill maybe all noobs in that fucking giant house with 4 external walls i just jump over directly at the roof.