To the developers of rust

me and my friends were thinking if you would add more modifications and would be good to add attachments to your kevlar for e.g infrared cameras which would help people alot at night.
here is a list of modifications i would think that would enhance the weapons of rust.
SniperScope - mainly for the bolt action rifle, easier to aim from far distances like towers when defending.
infer red camera - attached to a weapon to see at night and pick out animals and players.
night vision - attached to armour to see at night.

Thanks for your consideration facepunch x x
Anokin Rashoo.

Yeah, and while we are at it, why not add in some 40mm grenade launchers, underslung shotguns, some tactical nukes, and player controlled predator drones. All gold plated.

sounds good

Cavemen had all of these.

sounds like shit

Do you know how sick I am of people calling it an infer red camera. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an infer camera that is sold in red too. It is called an infrared camera. :suicide:

Sigh… Yep, lets add a perk system and some new game modes like search and destroy and team deathmatch.

We can call in Call of Garry!

Plz add airstrike support flare

Don’t forget EMPs

yea changed it now i was in a rush :stuck_out_tongue:

So much troll here. People dont even know that they are going to remove the M4s and such.