To the dev's, quick read!

Can we get a thread or staus update about the things you’ve been spit balling about in the office? I’m really interested in where you guys might want to take the game in the future. Many idea’s have been floating around and it’s very hard to tell whats pure speculation or whats based on comments from facepunch. I’m not asking for a regular update about everything you guys talk about just a simple hey we’ve been thinking about doing a, b, c, and d. But it could be j, k, and l instead.

Anyways great job with the game I’m very excitied to see the future of this game.

P.S. Please make it more rewarding to work with strangers than kill them.

It already is REALLY rewarding working as a team than alone, people just don’t care and kill on sight.

Yes with a team that has trust it is more rewarding. But two strangers gain almost nothing working together. They each lose resources if they travel together, unless they partner up. Which will almost always end in a betrayal.

I don’t know how they can reward to strangers helping each other for a single resource run but I sure hope they can figure it out! If that’s the direction they choose to take.

I’m aware of the trello page. But that is things they are activly working on. I’m more interested in the stuff that is still just idea’s as of now. Hence using the term spit balling, and not refering to very near future content. I’d like to know what their vision is for this game in the future.

As of yet…
I think they want it to be more cavemanish than it is currently.
I know they want it to be as “unguided” as possible, players use the tools to create their own experience. That could be vastly different from server to server.

That about sums up broad topics about the games without getting into stuff like dinosaurs and military style weapons.

I guess what I really want to know is do they see the future of rust as FPS/PvP with a side of survival as it currently is. Or do they see the future of rust as a survival game that has awesome PvP. If it is the later do they know what system they will implement to get there?