To those who think progress is too slow and too hard...

I’ve noticed a lot of people saying that progress is too slow in Rust and it’s really dumb.

In ONE day of playing Rust, me, and one other guy went from naked on a beach to having so many guns, tools and armour and also having a decent base and having 3 quarries and a pumpjack setup. We got to the point where we were palming off a lot of spare guns and matierials and now have most of the BPs too.

And for people who play solo, that could probably be accomplished in maybe 2 or 3 days.

This wasn’t on modded it was on a community server and we haven’t had any airdrops other than one random one we stole from some guys in the snow. If you can’t get this amount of progress, I’m gonna go ahead and say that you aren’t using all aspects of the game to get the resources you need. Yeah, it might take a while to gather resources but I’ve noticed a lack of raiding and not many people going to radtowns regularly for the crates and lots of people missing heaps of barrels they pass.

Here’s my tips for fast progression:

  • Before setting down, take a walk down the roads on the map and learn your way around, get every barrel you see as there are almost always BP Frags and the possibility of something useful.
  • Once you have learnt you way around and got a decent amount of BPs, start to set yourself up and build yourself a reasonable base to store you stuff in, you can make it more secure later.
  • Head for radtowns nearby, and alternate between them, if your on your own, it might be a good idea to make sure your not seen. The globe has a lot of loot the reel wand often, making it a good place to get resources when it is highly active.
  • Raid. If you’ve gotten this far and your doing well, chances are you are starting to get the same crap from radtowns, so get some tools ready, tool raiding is back. You’ll be surprised how many people will have decent stuff and have wood walls that are often backwards. I raided 6 houses with tools at this point and got so much stuff it wasn’t funny.
  • Try not to make an enemy of everything that moves, enemies are just people that could have helped you before you shot at them, never shoot first. If they don’t shoot, chances are they could be helpful.
  • Keep you wits about you, you never know what situation you will end up in, and you don’t know when loot is staring you in the face of if theres something that could end up in you losing you days pickings.

So, Rust doesn’t make you grind, it’s the way you play that determines how far you will progress in how long.

Agree with op wholeheartedly. People while about progression way to much in regards to this game. Another tip: Dont settle near monuments thats like asking to get raided. Hide your base off in the middle of nowhere and tell nobody where you live. And if you’re playing on a server without /home make sure to get a map early. Good luck and stay rusty!

As was said in the devblog, people way over exaggerate the issues regarding solo play balance. Of course it’s faster to gather resources as a group, but people miss some important points about group play:

  • Need bigger bases and more resources
  • Collecting cloth/HQM and making full armor sets for 5 people isn’t the most fun thing
  • Most of the time not everyone in a group pulls their weight resource wise, which means others need to work extra hard to gather for multiple people.


Understood and good for you, i’m assuming you got lucky re location or it’s on a very low populated server? What you describe is very, very difficult on most of the servers I play with populations of 150 - 250 from the off.

Which is, of course fine, I love the grind and slow progression myself.

totally agree.
server admin here, during this wipe decided to start fresh and not “admin hack” my base together, 2 days in and ive got refineries and a storage barn up just playing a few hours a day.

a lot of people just don’t seem to put any thought in to where they are setting up or how to minimize the damage when you do get raided.

i like setting up a storage barn separate from my “home” in the hope they raid it and leave my sleeper alone, if they hit the storage they get a nice load of my “extra” stuff leaving my basics inside my home “safe” or vice versa and i just re stock from the barn.

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i feel like if you are playing on a 150-250 person server and are trying to go solo you are just doing it wrong and are setting yourself up for a incredibly uphill battle from the get go.

why would you pick a high pop server if you want to go solo, other than just wanting to make it incredibly hard?

Totally agree with OP. I am a solo player, and this weekend after 1-2 days of playing I have one main base in the center of the map, 3x micro bases, (spawn/drop off points), by each of the rad towns, and about half of the BPs that I want/need. It really isn’t impossible, you just have to be a little bit clever about it.

sorry I play in a team on high pop servers etc, not solo.

But, saying that im also happy playing solo on high pop servers, I like it difficult as I don’t view RUST as a viable PVE focused game.

Progression is awfully fast. If anything it has become even faster since getting bps is a lot more controlled and there’s a lot more ways to get resources.

I think what has happened here is all the noobs complaining has had an effect on progression speed, it think what would be a good solution to this is slightly higher wood/stone drops and less BP frags and high level items, so it’s easier to get a decent base up but harder to actually progress.

It’s too fast for me. I want a deeper and longer progression curve in rust. People that want it easier are playing the wrong genre of game.

You can go from being a rock weilding cavemen to an armed to the teeth modern man within hours if you get a little bit lucky early on.

It would be cool if there was a setting for that. Like Easy, Medium, Hard or whatever.

Then maybe, depending on the setting, it shows you a list of available servers to play on.

It’s clear this opinion is from a player without a job, a social life, or children.

Here’s my experience as an adult who has been gaming online since the late 90’s on dial up.

I get maybe 1-2 hours per session now, every other day on average. If I’m playing on a vanilla server, a 60 minute session usually goes like this:

1st 20 mins: Farm wood/stone, get killed, lose everything, start over.

2nd 20 mins: Farm wood/stone, get killed, lose everything, start over.

3rd 20 mins: Farm wood/stone, finally build shack, lock myself in, sign out, find myself dead and respawned on a beach at my next login, start over.

There’s very little payoff and very little endgame unless you’re a chronic player. Casuals don’t get much love.

I would love to see more attention paid to base defenses…the kids who play 25-50 hours a week have no problem overcoming any defensive measures you can introduce to increase survivability for the casual players anyway. But at least it would give the illusion that you care about us, too.

Yes, I know about modded servers…but the same scale of being out-clocked in terms of game hours applies. I’ve seen people running around with 200+ C4 and rockets. You can’t compete with that, especially when you’re offline. But, they can at least give us some more ways to keep our bases secure for more than 10 hours offline.

Having to start over again and again and again starts to get old after a while. The fun wears off.

it really depends what server you play on. thats it really

if the server pop is 200 good luck getting traction on any real progress.

Animal fat is a bitch

Yes same thing happens to me I got Raided by 5 Russian they literary used over 100-200 pickaxes and hatchets chopping my wood walls and stone floors for at least 2-3 hours.
Ive killed them 5-10 times but since i cant even kill more then two of them at the same time with a single clip. they just kept coming back. getting a few hits on me and forcing me to heal is enough for them to just wait for their friends.
Even if your good and kill 2 of them at a time. you still lose in this game. that’s what sux most. After reaching the stone core they just used c4. Byebye base

Progress is too slow - in getting Rust either removed from Steam as a game supported on Linux, or actually supporting Rust on Linux.

The game progresses is to easy(quick) imo. Guns should also never drop as loot, only blueprints.

Weapon drops make hqm pretty much redundant.

I hide loot in obscure places and build obnoxious bases so the raiders waste their resources.

they waste their resources anyways i mean like raiding at current state is useless if the base dont says PLEASE RAID ME HERE<----

This would be shocking to me as I am running Rust in Linux right now. You’re doing it wrong.

I have a life, this is in a weekend sitting maybe 6 - 8 hours a day, easily accomplished in the time frame you suggest as you would have up to 14 hours…

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Huh?? It takes a maximum of 10 hatchets to get through the outside of a wood wall, if that. If you were still building with wood I wouldn’t imagine you would have to many walls to get through either, 100 - 200 hatchets is a bit of an overstatement.