To those...

To those that think I abuse my admin powers, I think of the server before the individual player, unfortunately if you fail to abide some simple server rules you will ultimately be punished for it, i’m not like other server admins that allow griefing and letting you build in a loot spawn, you should know by now that I won’t tolerate such things. Loot spawns are for everyone! :slight_smile:

(User was banned for this post ("UTT/Run on thread title" - Craptasket))

sounds like you should be admin on a pve server instead

I am, The Lone Island, people raged and they honestly think garry could do much about it. It’s simple, garry gave the server files for server providers, our server provider gave us full reign (restarts, resets updates etc at anytime) meaning we can do anything we want with it for the most part, banned like 4-5 people because they argued with me about them breaking one of the server rules.

Nobody knows who you are

This game was intended for players to grief each other from day 1, you are denying players a huge chunk of the game.


Griefing =/= Raiding and PvP

Sounds like a shitty server.