To whom it may concern.......RP_Downtown_v4c

Post By Darronious<---------- Not Frog

To the Sir or Sirs who were enraged at the posting of the map “RP_Downtown_v4c”,

I understand your initial rage over the thought of map stealing even though it didn’t occur. The man in

question who posted the topic simply wanted to know who made the map and any more information

regarding the subject. The man he spoke of as having the map in his list was me and I acquired the map on

one of the many Garry’s Mod Servers to which I have visited. To conclude this letter I wish to apologize

myself and on behalf of my friend “Frog” and wish you good luck with finding your map stealer.


Its always sad when a map gets stolen, usually the creator resorts to putting his name in brushes in some obscure part of the map, or loses mapping inspiration all together.


Whats this CSI: Facepunch?
Speaking on behalf of my friend jamzzster, it wa sonly ony building stole, not the whole map.
The person has been reported to facpunch and we are awaiting further action.

The maker of “RP_Downtown_v4c” was reported?

If i remeber correctly yes, for copyright.

I’m hoping he noes it was not me, he sent me a message saying this

“You have no rights or permissions to take my work. And no you never will get them.”

Well it was you who posted the thread, so he’s assuming its you.

You can’t copyright maps if you don’t own all material used in the map.

Still, The Pro was very clear that he didn’t want anyone modifying his map, and people should respect that.

The Pro’s a douche.

douche or not, respect his work.

To be honest I don;t blame him for wanting his own work to be his own.
Also I’d like to release the details of the clan and people involved with this subject.

The “Tavclan” hosts this server using this bad map

and the person who made the crappy remake map is Che

I’m only giving you people there details if anyone is mad at them and can’t get to them.
Took me an hour to track the people behind this down. They aren’t good at hiding

The Pro is actually a nice guy. If anyone is being a douche it’s you.

El-oh-El look at all the pussies that disagree with me but cannot explain why? Do those that think they were treated poorly by The Pro think that it was deserved? Probably was. Every time I talked to him he was very helpful and not arrogant in the least. Also if anyone is referring to him being blunt without worrying about others feelings doesn’t make him a douche either.

Why do these threads keep surfacing.

Honestly if someone decompiles a map, sticks more junk in it then recompiles just report the file/their thread.

Other than that you really can’t do anything else. You can’t force someone to stop hosting a map on their server.

I totally agree, it’s not that.

It’s just that what few encounters I’ve had with him, he seemed pretty arrogant.

That’s just me though.

What is this shit? Why does everyone start going nuts over someone stealing X from Y map for Z purpose? Look at it in a flattering way, someone thinks that you’ve done something so well, that they must put it in their shit.

Actually it’s more the principle. If they respected you or your work, they would ask permission.

I released the VMF (so you can add your sub par billboards and other sub par additions) but without even downloading this I assume it’s a decompiled version.

Even if someone stole my map and added a 5 second building that building would be theirs, though the map would not be.

“we were only trying to make it better”

That comment should be inscribed on the road to hell. Just after “it was for the best”.

RP_Downtown is poorly made anyways…