To you Garry!

Hello Garry i am so proud of you on how you came all this way succesfully by making Gmod and all. Gmod was probably the first game i bought on steam and it blew my mind on how many things you could do! i was amazed and now you are currently making a new game? called rust i was wondering i would like to put more of the games into my life and i was wondering if you could give me a beta key. By giving me a beta key i will be streaming on and youtube of my highlights about this game i have over 10,000 view on some of my videos and some of my fellow subscribers told me about another game you are currently making and i was amazed at how this game is getting better and better wish you the best of luck Thanks for Reading :).

(User was banned for this post ("crap begging thread/LOOK before you post" - postal))

Oh so the beggers are getting creative huh? I applaud your efforts then, you put much more into than most.

He doesn’t NEED anyone to make people want to the game or advertise. His game will be a success regardless of alpha / beta testers, and YouTube amount.

Are you ten years old, or are you ten years old?

Remember when i posted something along these lines? I got banned.