ToastScript - Sandbox Roleplay

Well, Here’s my ToastScript gamemode, I’ve decided to quit the project due to the fact that there is not enough serious roleplayers in Garry’s Mod. Feel free to use it if you want,

You can edit the settings in ( ToastScript/gamemode/frame/server/sv_configuration.lua ) ignore the MySQL stuff, I didn’t ever implement it.

Your mount settings (what the gamemode is configured for internally) are in …

Enjoy, to anyone who wants to use it. With a bit of editing you could make it have money etc. But it’s sandbox roleplay so.


  • Schumacher ( Everything. )
  • Lappy( This guy tought me lua! and code help. )
  • Overv( Critical error help )


I like how someone rated it ‘useful’ lmfao.

Hmm, interesting… i’ll try it out.

Keep in mind this requires the best of roleplayers to use correctly, Do to the fact of how open it is it can easily be minged

I Guess what he’s saying is you also have to have admins who wont spawn weapons and give them out. Also, the script looks pretty good Schu.

Did you ever try it?



WG might actually bring this back, With a V2. It will use MySQL and have money etc.


It looks like a 8 year old did the formatting. GM:ShowHelp() is missing an end.

Meh, you told me this in steam chat, and yeah be aware of my terrible formatting of my code.

player:PrintMessage( 3, “Gamemode by SchuSchu” )


Like every other RP gamemode, hell, even darkRP could be fun with good roleplayers.

Bafgh! Sounds like he copied it off somebody else, ever since that gamemode downloader came out.

I looked at it, it reminds me of the Ultra Light Roleplay script, only that we could toggle off and on anytime we wanted to quit the roleplay…

BAFFGH! Even worse, I was looking at your profiles, and one of your fav’s in youtube is… WOW porn?
I smell a child!

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - grea$emonkey))

That was quite rude, Also, I watched schumacher code 3/4th of this in teamviewer, He tought me lua.

If the core of that statement was to point stolen code, No code is stolen what so ever.

To be brutally honest, the original showhelp with the “Building a car” and “Ragdoll posing” videos probably teaches more about roleplay then yours. GM:ShowHelp() is missing an end, Your LoadPlayerProfile() function is kind of redundant because it could have been done on one line in GM:PlayerSpawn(). If your giving weapons in GM:PlayerLoadout() why are you giving the same ones in GM:PlayerSpawn()?

I don’t mean to sound like an asshole, just pointing out a few things that could help you get better.

No I understand, But this was made in probably… 20 minutes? I just felt like making something quickly. It’s not really a ‘gamemode’ It just adds/takes away a few things from sandbox.

But overall, I agreed your post because it’s true.

That’s the thing about code, it may function, but it can always be improved and become more efficent.

Somewhat like Fractions, what you should be aiming for is it’s simplest form.

I like that. I agree 100%.

That is very true, but yea I re-read my post before I posted and it sounded ass-hole-ish, so i thought I’d let him know I was only trying to help him.

No. It was helpful. I’m very glad you posted it, and I would much like it if you kept posting such things on my work. (Seriously. Not being sarcastic.)