Toasty Headshots

This is my first public addon for Trouble in Terrorist Town.
When you make a headshot kill, the toasty guy randomly slides out and says “TOASTY!”.
You may recognize it from Mortal Kombat

Latest Version


This is fucking awesome


You should also make it so when you get a headshot, fire or smoke particles come out of his head.

Paying homage to Mortal Kombat?


Finally got around to adding this today. This may be the most important mod on my server, moreso than admin commands.

I just uploaded a new version that fixes a lua bug that happens when the server lags. You should use that one.

Do you mind if I implement this feature into Metastrike? It just fits, ya know? :stuck_out_tongue:

Go for it

Heh, random idea, headshots make the head explode into toast.

I want it to say “BOOM! HEADSHOT!”

Just change the sound file yourself then.