Today I crashed Gmod for the first time, how did you?

Today I made a big cage with lazers, and spawned a ton of antlions and antlion guards, when I turned on AI and they ran into the lazor all at once, My GMOD crashed for the first time.

This made me wonder what other things have caused Gmod to crash for you?

Mine crashed on the first load. D:

Back when you could do the mingenuke with stargates.

spamming the slider tool on a complex parented contraption

exploding barrels

I was very clumsy and messed around a bit and it just happened.

The after she left i played some Garrys’ Mod and crashed when playing deathrun.

I updated my server and forgot to update fastdl cache files, crash on connect (i do this 4 times before thinking that it was a problem in the server :p).
EDIT: my post should be 2 thread under that one.

first time i crashed gmod was in an epic npc war :frowning:

When I loaded Militia for the first time. Now it’s cool.

Detonated my own nuke right in my face.

Threw a MIRV-like grenade

I pressed alt+tab. -_-

Was on my laptop, Got BSOD because of particles :\

i stacked ALOT of barrels,beceause i saw it in a video.
Then i threw a grenade in it ahah…

First time gmod crashed for me… I was playing on gmod7 and it crashed for no good reason. Hundreds of fucking timeeessss

Hundreds of exploding barrels.

How long have you had it?

I managed to crash mine when i first played it by pressing Q.

I crashed when i spawned a whole lot of NPCS and lit them all on fire

I was driving a car and I crashed.

Ah, yes. I remember my first crash, back in 2006. Too many explosive barrelsn and ragdolls.