Todays Patch: R.Exp - Extremely Jittery and Skipping

Game was completely fine, until I downloaded the patch today. Figured at 1st it was a server problem, so I reinstalled server, and still getting the same issue. Can’t quite figure out what’s going on. Anyone have any ideas?

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Seems the Stuttering happens on any terrain that is not grass. When I’m in grass, it’s smooth, but once I’m on anything but grass, it feels like I’m getting only 4 fps while running…

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These are standing on Dirt, look at the FPS Graph

These are standing in Grass, once again, the graph. No more breakups.

I wasn’t moving in either of them, just standing still…

Anyone have any ideas, or also experiencing this also??

Is anyone else experiencing this? Game is currently near unplayable while this is happening. Have tried everything. Even reinstalling the game, and it’s still getting the FPS Bug.

I get several “stop motion” when running. Draw distance set to 3000 does not help. New issue since latest update.