Today's Rust Update - June 19th, 2014

Does anyone know what all came with it?

They are still trying to fix night lag issues and probably the holo sight. From what I saw it did correct the F1 grenade and supply signal. Someone did mention after using 5 supply signal it messed up again but i have not been in game to try that many. I will a bit later.

Part of me wishes as a result they’d just jettison the legacy branch, now it’s diverting resources that’ll make Rust better in the future to fiddle with a build that has no future. That’s my own selfish view though, excited for the game to advance, I realize that a lot of people have a lot of emotional investment in legacy.

So far I’ve noticed that the MP5 bug is back.

Holo sights still bugged, place a door the whole universe gets red/green, massive lag/freeze at dusk/dawn, loading time is much longer - if you dc, you’ll be dead when u reconnect, my game sound is really buggy but that might be just me.

Francis: “I hate updates”