TodayTonight on Rust

watch out garry

Haha fucking funny as. I love being in Australia lol!

This has just given Rust more sales in Aussie =P

Fucking annoying due to the fact it doesn’t seem to mention that the kid faked his age on signup, as you agree you are 18+.

this can’t be real, it has to be satire

[sp]please tell me it is[/sp]

Its fake, the facebook page only has one post, thats it.
Today Tonight also have an official page.

learn to search

hahaha xD

that gang tho xD

The funny thing is, I’ll betcha a writer from The Daily Mail will find this article and use it as, “inspiration,” for *another *piece on how gaming is a work of satan.

“When asked about the content in this devilish, “game,” creator Garry Newman simply laughed, saying, ‘it’s not that bad, we haven’t implemented the penetrate button yet.’”

i bet they wont

Right and where was the parents when this 11 year old brought this game, a game that would require a credit card/visa/paypal/steam credit to buy.

Stop blaming the gamers/developers just because you don’t want to moderate what your child is doing online.

Awesome, more publicity for Rust!