todd's hover bike

i took an already existing hover bike, but the person who i got it from stole it from someone else, and will not be named.

this is basically the same, but i made some minor speed changes… like faster stopping… oh and did i mention that this one goes 75mph!! not just 25 mph any more =)

you can use this for races, good ones this time, it has good handling, and can go on jumps and rocky terrain, it only has problems with stairs, but so does the other one

when you are driving a track, the 75 mph really isn’t that bad because i made it so it slows faster, and it has good handling.

here is the link:

Did you know that alot of people know how to change a few lines of code?


hakita, shut up. ok, nobody is making you download it, get a life, almost every forum i look on it has your name on it, i just upgrade stuff for me, and i post it for people who dont know how.

So you basically re-uploaded a file that you downloaded from a re-upload.

sort of, i dont know where the file originated, so i didnt list any names. i dont know who the real owner is, so to answer your question, sort of. i downloaded it, then i edited it. i did not ask for permission because i do not know who the original owner is.


see, i like this guy, he doesnt just complain, he sees it for what it is… thanks =)

What made you think its worth posting in Facepunch, and in the wrong section?
Also, name the forums. Oh and by the way, flaming is a valid ban reason.

sorry, i didnt mean to be so rude about it, i just had a rough day and didnt want to take any more crap that day. i apologize, but please instead of giving usless comments, please give me something to work with, im new to editing and lua

I forgive you. You can find useful stuff in the Gmod Wiki.

K, thanks, I just cant think of anything origional thats cool to make, at least, anything that i can do in my low state of lua ability.

Go to the Wiki and do each and every tutorial and try to do different things from common sense until you get it. My first and most memorable line was Msg(“Hello World!”) :smug:

k thanks, this is helpful stuff… =)

***[release]Most useful links you will ever find for Lua.[/release]***

thanks, i looked at them, theyre helpful, ill try to make something cool

Try to do it without copy+pasting :v:

k i wont, thanks for the links =)

Well guys, another one almost bit the dust :v: