"Together once more" - An empty shack after the death of its two owners


Original: http://filesmelt.com/dl/gm_atomic000114.jpg

Depressing, but I like the dark mood

Looks nice but boring

The mood is very peaceful, and I love the edit.
Rated artistic and desktop’d

Book of Eli much?


I just love the athmosphere in this part of the pic.

Sort of, although you could easily just say “Fallout 3 much?” or anything else you can think of. 'Tis a good film though.

looks great, the editing is fantastic

Looks great.

Good editing, but it’s kinda boring.

Nice edit as always. Very moody. The shiny window is a bit strong, but it serves it purpose I guess. Good use of light sources. Thou shall have wood.

Wow, chesty this by far your best picture in my opinion

Rather sad :frown:

it was slenderman or cthulh-SWAMP GAS. WEATHER BALOON- Edited by FBI.

Loving the atmospheric editing.

Pretty cool. Nice atmospheric pic. Though the highlights on the window look iffy…

Eww what is that behind the door :ohdear:

this is how it should’ve been


  • the door. The emo hanging himself ruins it =/

Nice editing but the picture is very boring.

Your lucky i was listening to this song when i saw this.

The lighting and atmosphere is great.