Together until the end

How to get the best of this picture :
-Start the music
-Right click => Open image
-F11 or whatever the fullscreen button is.

*Posing : 15 minutes + 5 minutes searching a good angle
Editing (ingame) : 15 minutes
Editing (Photoshop) : None
PSD file : None

Meh, didn’t turn as I wanted but I thought it was still good looking. No editing involved. Basicly they’re about to get eatten by that giant bright wall that nobody knows what it’s made of.*

Wow, that girl is real emo.

It’s… okay. Kinda uninspired and uninteresting though. The lighting and posing are solid but this idea has been done a hundred times before with more interesting camera angles and more interesting characters and themes.

So is that truck gonna hit them?

Nah bro, Paramore hoodie.

Way cooler.

[sp]I so totally don’t have 9 Paramore songs on my iPod[/sp]

I didn’t like it, until I read the last bit of your post. Makes it a whole lot sadder. Anyway, not bad.

I really only have two minor issues. First, Nick’s eyes should be closed a bit more. They’re just… wide-open, and it looks out of place. Also, I think her ponytail is clipping through his arm.

Still, not bad for the amount of time it took.

This :crying: