Togga Hovaballs

Pretty simple, just some toggle-able hoverballs. Someone made something like this a long time ago but nobody remade it for some reason. Nothing too amazing, I barely did anything besides add the toggle functionality, so most of the work is done by the original hoverball code.

As to why it’s called “Togga Hovaballs”, it’s because for some reason if the STOOL is properly named “Toggle Hoverballs” then you get the infamous ConCommand Blocked error when trying to switch to it. Not sure why, probably because it uses the word toggle, so I just decided to rename it altogether.

Anyway, hope someone finds this useful.

What exactly does the “control hoverball gravity” function do?

Ah, probably should have explained that. I knew I forgot something!

When you disable the hoverballs with that on, it’ll enable gravity on the hoverballs so they don’t provide any resistance. This looks “right”, however it creates a huge problem in spacebuild: it enables gravity on the hoverballs and causes your ship to start falling in space. Disabling that checkbox makes it so the hoverballs’ gravity is never toggled, so you don’t run into this problem anymore. Really only useful on spacebuild, otherwise it just looks weird having your hoverballs still provide air resistance even if they aren’t on. It’s barely noticable, but it annoyed me a bit so I decided I’d make an option for it just in case it annoys other people too.

Also, I just realized that I left some screwwy code in there that reset the movement speed every time you toggled it. Oops. I’ve reuploaded the file with this fixed.