Toggle ADS


I strongly believe the game needs to have the option for Toggle to ADS (Aim down sights) ASAP. I know many use hold, and I even personally use hold, but I have friends who have 15 years of toggle ADS try to play this game with hold ADS and it is a very negative experience from a PVP perspective for them, even though they are strong PVP players in every other FPS game we play.
The option to choose either hold or toggle to aim is a must have and I hope it can be added soon.


this is really perplexing to me as you can actually toggle ads but you have to use two different keybinds by using something like "bind x “attack2"” and then right clicking to untoggle. Alternitively you can toggle ads using a 3rd party script but then you run the risk of getting banned for doing something as simple as trying to aim down the sights in the way you prefer??

Please let people choose to toggle ADS if they want too.

bind x ~attack2;+attack2
Worked pretty well for me. Checkout the binds guide here Keybinds - Rust Wiki

@Jakb I have looked far and wide and never found this command. Can confirm this works, thanks mate appreciate it a lot.
Hope the setting can be implemented in the menu settings at one stage to improve player experience for thousands who would have no idea where to find this bind.

Come to think of it, we need a bunch of toggle/hold options.
Toggle Sprint
Toggle Duck (crouch)

Toggle sprint should cancel toggle crouch and toggle aim
Reload should also cancel toggle aim

So this bind does not offer a proper ADS, it only lets you ADS and then you have to you a different key to get out of ADS. This seems crazy, and the only way to set up a proper ADS would be to use something like autohotkey which could get you banned for trying to perform a fundamental feature such as aiming down the sights.

I cannot fathom how this core feature of the game is still not finished.