Toggle Crouch help.

Hello, I’ve tried several sites and did the following instructions.

Go into your Garrysmod/Garrysmod/Cfg folder. Create three new text documents, and title them “autoexec.cfg”, “myaliases.cfg”, and “mybinds.cfg”. Once they are made, here is what you need to put in them for toggling crouch:

"IN autoexec.cfg
exec myaliases.cfg
exec mybindings.cfg

IN myaliases.cfg
//Crouch Toggle
alias duck_t “duck_on”
alias duck_on “alias duck_t duck_off; +duck; developer 1; echo Crouching (on); developer 0”
alias duck_off “alias duck_t duck_on; -duck; developer 1; echo Crouching (off); developer 0”

NEW Walk toggle
//Walk Toggle
alias walk_t “walk_on”
alias walk_on “alias walk_t walk_off; +forward; developer 1; echo Walking (on); developer 0”
alias walk_off “alias walk_t walk_on; -forward; developer 1; echo Walking (off); developer 0”

IN mybindings.cfg
bind “KEY” “duck_t”
bind “KEY” “walk_t” "

Is it possible to bind a key to toggle crouch?

Why not just go to your GMod settings, restore the controls to default, and if that doesn’t work, bind it in the dev console? -.-

I don’t know the command to toggle crouch button and restoring the controls to default makes the controls hold to crouch.

I found a solution. You start singleplayer and type "bind ctrl “duck_toggle”
There’s a problem though, on multiplayer when I try to press Ctrl it ducks but my screen stays standing up? I’d appreciate some help.


Might want to crank out the Clientside LUA.

So, would you happen to know anything about Clientside LUA? and would it work on multiplayer servers?

If sv_allowcslua was 1, and if Gmod actually loaded client side scripts automatically for Servers with it on 1 upon joining, Then sure. It would work in multiplayer.

I’ve been using the same Toggle stuff i made back in 2011.

Okay! Thank you so much Magenta!