Toggle God

This is by far one of my proudest addons yet.

This is Toggle God. This addon allows users to god themselves. But if users are toggle godded, they can not do damage to any other players.

Please check it out and use it on your sandbox servers.

Demonstration video on addon page.

Suggestions and bugs can be discussed here or on the page. Thank you!


That used to be a stock feature to Sourcemod called Buddha or something like that.

I saw your comment before the snip, I don’t take offense at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It is VERY simple but it took me a while and I have not found one addon like this anywhere. I just really want to see one of my addons on a random server.

Honestly, for as simple as this is, it’s a good idea. Given a sort of cool-down period, this would be great for Build-DarkRP (because let’s face it, there’s a shitload of DM in DarkRP).

-cringe snip-