Toggle Ownable Scars

Hello. I have a problem. I recently installed Scars 2.1 to my darkrp server, coded them to entities to spam, and the spawn just fine but the problem is when they spawn, it doesn’t give me the option to own the car using f2. the “Unowned” “owned by <name>” doesn’t even show. How to I fix this so the Scars can be able to own , use the key swep, and get lockpicked. Thanks

AddEntity("Police impala88", "sent_sakarias_car_police", "models/splayn/cars/police_imp1.mdl", 500, 1, "/buypolicecar", {TEAM_POLICE, TEAM_CHIEF})

The SCars are made in a way that they got a bunch of seats inside the car, in order to be able to interact with a vehicle in darkrp you need to see the seat, which you can’t for scars. For this to work, Sakarias needs to rework how SCars work.