Toggle Precipitation?

How would I make it so that I could use a func_button to toggle func_precipitation?

Make a func_button and func_precipitation name your precipitation, go to your outputs tab on the button. Make the first box to on press. Second box select the name of your precipitation brush. The third box change to toggle.

Unfortunately, Func_precipitation (As well as env_embers if you use it for snow) cannot be toggled on and off.
I have found that if you use info_particle_system with rain01 it can be toggled via it’s start and stop inputs. That being said the particle effect for rain can be laggy on older computer and it only covers an area of 1000 by 1000 units and 940 units up. It also, I believe will clip though brushes.

sombody made it toggleable on the old hammer for goldsrc by editing some files but I don’t think it is possible on the new version.

I wish I could test this at the moment so cause I thought it could. What I would do is maybe play with some logic_relays for that.

When i get to my comp i’ll try making something.

I’m sure it has a “density” output. Just make a button or whatever to set that to 0.

If he wants it to toggle from one button then how will he revert the density back to the number again?

Make the button with a “toggle” flag. Set it to “OnIn>[func_precip]>SetDensity(or whatever it’s called)>0”
and “OnOut>[func_precip]>SetDensity>100”


There is no SetDensity input. I’ve checked in hammer and according to:

You can’t toggle it on and off.

You can make an output to delete the func_precipitation, I believe, maybe using point_clientcommand or whatever it is, make it turn on cheats for .1 seconds, then delete command, then at .3 seconds, the cheats turn off. That should just remove the whole func_ brush. But it may not, never tested it so…

But then it wouldn’t be re-toggleable.

Yea, thats the bad part D:

My suggestion is to do a animated rain overlay, you might even get a better result!

Ooh, nice idea QBit, maybe make an animated texture that is non-solid, and just put straight rows of the animated texture, like a cornfield of your rain texture.