Toggle voice in GMod?

Hey Guyz, i have searched, about if there was other threads about this, but i couldent find 1. so i just made one =3, okay

My Problem Is:
Ingame. can you just press X and hold it, then you can talk. but i talk alot on servers, so its kinda sux that i have to hold it all the time :slight_smile:

So isent there any way, that i can toggle it ?.

Thanks Anyway !

Have a good Day / night. :smiley:


And toggling is annoying anyway. Nobody wants to hear you breathing through the mic the entire game

U dont get it. do you ?, nope i dont think so

some ppl do really talk together, not just build somthing like a chair -_-

but thanks for the β€œno”


It’s fine the way it is.


Try using ventrilo or teamspeak.

thanks compwizii, and Proboard -_- why do you comment if you just comment bad ?. weirdo