Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a way to toggle a VGUI Dframe using F4 and if so how? by toggle I mean draw it when F4 is pressed and if it’s pressed again remove it. Thanks

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Its on the wiki…

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That does not toggle.

[lua]function GM:ShowSpare2(ply)
if !IsF4Open then
IsF4Open = true
–Open menu
IsF4Open = false
–Close menu

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Thanks for that! but I’m just wondernig how to actually close the menu, I know that panel:Remove() works but how would I call it?

Don’t kill me since I don’t know all the VGUI functions

You can try use Panel:SetVisible

… if it doesn’t work … you can remove and rebuild it later.
local Toggle = 0
–When you press F4–
Toggle = 1-Toogle
if(Toggle) then
local Menu = vgui.Create(“DFrame”)
Menu:Remove( )