This addon will allow you to toggle sandbox on and off for everyone or for certain players.

*Toggle Sandbox, Noclip, and Godmode for certain players or for everyone
*Enable or disable Limited Physgun in a menu
*Save and delete your settings

Console Commands
Note: You can find a player’s UserID by typing status in the console.

ts_tog (command) (player name or UserID) --Toggles a command for a single player
ts_tog_all (command) --Toggles a command for all players
ts_state (player name or UserID) --Shows a single player’s Settings in the console
ts_state_all --Shows everyone’s shared Settings in the console
ts_save --Saves all of your settings so they can be reloaded on map/server restart
ts_delete_save --Removes your saved settings

The commands that you can toggle with ts_tog and ts_tog_all

Some Useful info
To change the commands, you need to use the in-game menu found in Utilities/GameSettings.
Only the server owner can change these commands.

When you toggle a command for all players, anyone that joins later on will have their
command set to that. Aka: if you toggle sandbox off for everyone, then all new players that
join won’t have sandbox on, unless you turn it on for them.

If you turn off sandbox for yourself, you can use the console command
‘ts_tog (sandbox) (your name or UserID)’ to turn it back on.

If you save your settings, they will reload when the server starts/restarts or the map changes.
If you don’t save your settings, they will reset on a server restart or a map change.

Due to possible bugs, this addon is not recommended to be used with gamemodes other then sandbox.
Having this addon installed while running another gamemode shouldn’t cause any bugs, but the
commands might.

(if you find a bug, please post the error you got in the console, and post what you were doing at the time)


Looks pretty sick :slight_smile: if i had a server i would use this i swear.

Good work seriously


Oh, and something I forgot to add, when you toggle a command for all players, anyone that joins later on
will have their command set to that. Aka: if you toggle sandbox off, then all new players that join won’t
have sandbox on, unless you turn it on. The commands will reset to their default values if the server
restarts though.

Wow good one !
Can you make it in derma menu too ?

It is in a derma menu (in the Admin section of the Utilites tab)

I toggled it off and then I realized I couldn’t get it back on :doh:

I mean when we write the concommand in the console for spawn

Why are you putting everything on
a newline like this? It makes it very

'Tis awesome!

If that happens, you can use the console command ‘ts_tog (sandbox) (your name or ID)’,
or you can just type ‘ts_tog_all (sandbox)’ twice.

Sorry about that, I am still a bit new to posting stuff.
I’ll redo the readme and the op later to make it easier to read.

I assume you mean being able to see what is on/off in the console? If so, then you can just type the command
‘ts_state (player name or ID)’ to see a single player’s settings, or ‘ts_state_all’ to see the global settings that new players
will use.

New Version is out! Mostly a bug fix (the new gmod update broke part of the menu), but it also adds spawnpoint creating and toggleable invulnerability while spawning.



Updated the readme

Somewhat fixed a bug with the update that causes the menu in Utilities/Admin to show the wrong thing,
aka: sandbox is on 1 but it shows as 0. Might still happen if the server lags

Added a variable that lets you choose if normal admins can use this addon (TS_CanAdminsUse),
Look in lua\autorun\ToggleableSandbox.lua to change/enable it

Removed Toggling suicide because it was useless for this addon. Plus, I needed more space in the
player selection menu

Added the ability to create new spawnpoints

Added toggleable invulnerability while spawning, It Starts disabled until you change it

Some menu changes and tweaks


Initial release


Spawn points,

Nice :slight_smile: but it can be usefull in Hl2 Campaign, I know I have asked to you before but try it in Hl2 campaign and make it usable in it please. (Without the Stools) Please.

What part of it do you want in Hl2 Campaign? I can’t make the spawnmenu work with it since it isn’t a sandbox based gamemode.

I know but you can make the menu like this one

I don’t think this addon will work with any gamemode that isn’t based off sandbox (It’ll probably give errors, I havn’t tried it though), So there is no point in adding a menu like that. The only things that might work in Hl2 Campaign (if this addon even works in it, that is) from this addon is the flashlight toggling and the ability to set what weapons you start with.

I have tested the toggle and all seem working but only with cvar.

Ok, I tested it, and as I said before: the only things from this addon the can be used in HL2 Campaign (that works and isn’t already in it) is toggling the flashlight and the ability to spawn weapons.

If you want to toggle the flashlight in Hl2 Campaign, you can type in ‘ts_tog_all flashlight’ or download this (I didn’t make it):

If you want to spawn sweps, you can download the mod I just made that lets you spawn, give, and drop sweps. You can download it here:

Oh great you are my god !!! It what i’ve search before to make in Lua but I really poor in Lua.

Can you add on it an Custom ammo suite too (Like for any weapon and SetAmmo to… for the Clip wanted ?) or if you don’t have alot of time can you give me some web site I can learn Lua to make this menu ?

Thanks Again you are my GOD !! NICE WORK !!

Thanks for the complement. I don’t think I’ll add in the ability to set the ammo, since there are already mods that do that. Also, I think spawning the weapon then picking it up when you already have it will give you some of the ammo that the gun uses.

Go here if you want to learn how to script in lua: