Togglehud Addon

Allows you to toggle your hud and weapon on and off.
Simply type into the console or bind a key to “ToggleHud”
It runs completely client side so you should be able to use it in any server.
Good for taking screenshots or whatever you might want.

Um… you forgot to post a link.

Edit: I hate my internet :frowning: link didn’t load until after I posted.

… a link to what? i allready have the link to at the bottom of my post

this is very useful thank you

You know this is already possible with a console command “cl_drawhud 0” good work nonetheless.

Last time I checked sometimes it doesn’t let you get into the console to reenable it

DOH realy? damn…
does it hide your weapon as well?

No, it does not hide your weapon, but as Combineguy said, that command sometimes will not let you open up the console.

Good as always awate, as they said you could use cl_drawhud , but no hiding the gun. Of course you CAN still use console, just have to use bindtoggle <key> cl_drawhud. And you can’t use it without cheats.

Isn’t this the idea of the camera “weapon” that comes with gmod?

You cant shoot with the camera, can you? :downs:

Oh, I thought it disabled gun. =P