Toilet Encounters - Crazy Knife short.

this isn’t even funny

what happened to you

Well i found it funny, i played hl2 and always wondered why they kept screaming it


Btw, what’s the nazi avatar?

I think it’s funny

Not your best, but your posing doesn’t seem to have slacked off at all in the months it’s been since I’ve seen some of your work.

All i have to say is :

It’s not as good as your other stuff, but still pretty good.

Good but not best.

Most of my zombies say “splat nyeeaaargh…”

you haven’t watched the movie to the end probably

Today I was very depressed when I entered this thread.

I couldn’t stop laughing after that.

He can just use his newspaper…

Stupid zombies… tsk tsk.

Awesome comic !

I always love reading your stuff, Crazy Knife. It never fails to make me laugh, and this comic is no exception.

I still laughed.

I hate yabba my icing…

It sucks hardcore. :saddowns:

I’ve never yabba’d my icing…i’ve ge-googedie’d cake, but never icing.