Tokyo Tango

For this I went for the sorts of things I imagine when I think of Japan. Neon Lights, High-Tech equipment, and Pretty Women. XD

Meanwhile real Japan looks like this

[sp]Yes I know that statue is a photoshop, but you get the idea, Japan is fulla pervs[/sp]

(sigh) Yeah…

I lold more at this than at the picture.

You forgot ninjas, samurais and kamikaze-like soldiers.

Yeah, Japan is kinda like how Vman put it. They invented the porno rag(playboy did it afterwords).

It really has little artistic merits, but if that’s your scenebuild, or “even” spliced edit, it’s Gmod/editing skills for sure.

The posing is somehow a bit off. Not much, but just doesn’t look wholly natural.

Don’t forget un-naturally moving, flying mechanic samurai robots with magical laser swords as wide as a highway.

wow that bloom looks bad.

I’m not going to comment on the actual picture, but what map is that?

nt_skyline, from “Neotokyo”.