Tolee: A gmod coder who's too full of himself.



Related to Garry’s Mod since the user in question is a Garry’s Mod Player, addon / gamemode developer who is reportedly making a GTA V RP, he said it’s 85% complete.

Anywho’ a user called Tolee added me a few day’s ago, offering help with lua etc’, I didn’t really need anything but asked him a few questions here and there but overall wasn’t a great help.

Had a chat with him a few minutes ago in which he offers me more of his scripts (bare in mind he’s done this multiple times before but I haven’t recorded any conversation so yeah)
As I always do, I politely say No thanks to his offers although they are greatly appreciated, this is just a little private server I’m making for myself and friends, he can’t seem to grasp the concept that I’m running a server purely for ‘fun’ and not ‘profit / business’.

He can’t seem to grasp the concept that I don’t really want anything that he offers and seems to think he’s a godsend and I should essentially be kissing his feet for his generous offers.

Anyway, Here’s a pastebin for those who can be arsed reading it:

Here’s proof that I’m not just forging the text, I still have the chat open at the moment so I can take more screenshots if you really need it:

he proceeded to unfriend me after the last sentence, he’s been a bit of a dick the past few conversations as well but again, I haven’t recorded any of that.

But yeah, anyway, rant over, this was just a little bit of a vent because he’s kind of annoying, apologies if it isn’t exactly fitting discussion,
and @ Tolee if you’re reading this, of which undoubtedly you will at some point, you’re a bit of a twat :v:.

edit: Might also be worth mentioning a lot of his other scripts and such he “offered” he actually wanted payment for, so yeah, I didn’t want to take him up on anything, even when/if it was free’





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