Tom Clancy's The Division Models????

I need the models of the game! it is for a modification for another game
Please I need the models of the weapon in formanto OBJ!!!

First of all, this is a request which means you should’ve used the request icon for the thread. Secondly, no, you don’t need them. AFAIK there are no currently available tools for extracting/ripping assets from the Snowdrop Engine.
Unless you have deep pockets and the will to fund some programmer then you’ll just have to wait, like the rest of us.

If you use Offzip and use Noesis with a MMB plugin, you can export the model with their rigs. Sadly Offzip doesnt convert all materials as some are missing. And some are broken.[/T] E3 Ryan model
[T][/T] Cleaner dude
Terrible ACR model

I may only export some cleaners and maybe a few weapons. I dont really care for the character models (except cleaners) I can take requests i guess. If i can i’ll have Luxox help me with this.

Edit: The rig seems to be broken for the E3 dude i guess idk it may be that fbx is just stupoid

I used to have the entire game dumped out, and I can export stuff into OBJ for you… I have a lot of clothing items (Beanies mostly) as OBJ’s already. What do you want and out of curiosity what mod is this for?

I spoke with Luxox, and he said that the textures arent corrupted. You just need to use Photoshop CC to convert them (I haven’t tried CS6 so i don’t know)
But for Ryan (E3 dude) I’ve ripped him and gotten all textures applied. His head was missing so i just used some head you can use normally in-game. Some textures are scattered all over the place. The “ShadeTech” or the watch and armband are located in one folder. His beard is in some random place. Eyes, Mouth etc. His watch is white. The beard was very broken. Its UV wasn’t correct at all. It also seems that the Normals are flipped or something.
Soon I’ll start ripping alot of models. Because i want to port some to GMod. But that can take awhile because there are Alot of models. I think i saw over 20 or 40 Male Jackets Alone i dont know, but theres alot of models to rip. And it takes awhile to, Export the model from Noesis. Than convert the textures if they’re broken.
I’m not going to work on Ryan anymore cause im very busy. If you want to work on him or some shit here is his file (max 2011 and obj)[/T]

Also someone wanted the ACR awhile back in the other thread, and this was an easy rip. so here you go:


Assuming you know what to do with the model file for the ACR. (There is a .max 2011 and an obj in the rar)

hi guys, hope someone extracted the other female model +(haircuts) ?!
the level of detail of weapons in The Division generaly, ghost reacon too is bad bcs it’s RPG

some of the ****;

dude something wrong with the texture map of this antena !?

I knew something was wrong with the textures. When i checked out the UV for it on Ryan, it was correct. Everything was put in place. I was even using the correct Texture. Well, today is a free day for me. I’ll start ripping the factions you fight, I’ll do the players later because there is alot of stuff to do alot. :suicide:

Would love some proper NYPD, NYFD and paramedics.

I’m just thinking back, and I might be wrong, but I don’t think there was anything but JTF as a side faction that was friendly, and even in files. The JTF wear neon green vests.

I do think there were static corpses of cops and stuff, but not much else.

JTF is the closest we’ll get to Emergency Responders. JTF is technically military. In the files the only thing we get is their vehicles.

I found some JTF body models, it may be corpses though…

I’ve already ripped all the JTF models. I still have to upload them :pudge:

I used to have an entire dump of Division, like materials and buildings, but I got rid of all that cuz it took up too much space.

Yeah it takes up alot of space. I’ve ripped all of LMB, and Cleaners and have them uploaded. I have all of JTF but they’re not uploaded (lets make an exception of the models that are broken, like LMB sniper) I go now its my bedtime at 9:00. My mom says its best to sleep at that time! (kys if you believe that)

I’m pretty sure I saw some non-JTF emergency dudes inside the HQ building. Which reminds me that there’s some HD children models too which would be useful since the only kid model we have in Gmod is that one from ME3 and Army of Two: 40th Day.