Tom Clancy's The Division Models[/T]


** Info:**
Rigged: No
Format: OBJ, Max 2011
Textures: .DDS (Converted, so they work)
Some bump mapping are broken (Half the image is black or there isnt bump map) Im not sure how this happens. But for some models you’ll have to make your own Normal Maps.

Important: Each OBJ has Alot of LOD files in it.
Ranging from low to high (Low, Medium, Normal and High) Choose High and Normal (Normally, You’ll just choose High, but for the some models, High seems to not import the model.)

The Division Models Thread - I’ve ripped models and uploaded them.

I haven’t applied the Bump mapping for the pics. I’ll do it eventually.

I’ll continue porting the models in about an hour or two, got some work to do before.
Post your Requests for me and fellow rippers to take!
Mediafire Link for Models

does anyone have any rigged models for maya ?