Tom Clancy's The Division weapon models

I was looking through few places for models with friend and couldn’t find any information about weapon models in Tom Clancy’s The Division. Some people have said that they have all the models, but no public download links, so I thought about making this topic here. Few weapons I would want to have:

Classic FAL

Tactical ACR

If you can get those and maybe some other ones, that would be great, just searching for those two mainly :pudge:

Here you go. If it doesn’t work, let me know. I made them into OBJ’s, and the textures are in JPG format.

That’s the only one you have??? If you please have the others upload them too best regards.

Steyr AUG A3 9mm XS

War Sport LVOA-S

Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout

the two variant short and long.

Yay, thank you :goodjob: But the models are miniscule, missing iron sights and UV’s are fucked…
Oh well, lets see what I can do with some alcohol and patience :v:

*nice, and thanks
-textures are in low res
-no nrmal map found in the folder is this correct ?
-Uv’s are broken ( when you flip it verticaly its correct for most part, but not for all )

Seems like UV’s werent completely fucked, just miniscule + rotated wrong, lol
Fixed UV’s, added Ghosts Remington R5 iron sight, next up is binding Ghosts joints to the meshes, so I can use those anims on it :pudge:

I’m about to go out to do airsoft, but RAVENOV, the LOD is actually the highest one on it. How did you get the UV’s to scale up to right size? I knew about that issue with it, but I never figured out how to fix it. I’ll export those other rifles when I get back or tomorrow.

What I did (I use Maya 2012)
To get size about right, I scaled it 100, 100, 100, then rotated model 90, 0, -90

UV’s at first look like this:

I first scaled the UV’s at left to fit the image, then I moved the mag in (as it was correctly scaled)

Then I flipped the UV, so top is bottom and bottom is top, only doing that should result gun looking like this:

Then I just aligned nitpicky spots and done. Hopefully this helps :pudge:

Theres the LVOA-C, SRS, and AUG, alongside their regular textures. I tried flipping the UV’s and rotating the AUG 90 degrees, but i dunno.

Would you be up for another weapon request?

I dont have much time now, but I will take a look at AUG later and see, if its done differently. Finished FAL UV’s, scaling on it was right, just needed again flipping and realigning nitpicky spots:

Edit: Also, seems like models are inverted as well. I did the inverting on FAL due to fitting it on BO2 FAL rig, but later on I noticed that its supposed to be like in this screenshot. Comparing my pic of ACR and official pic, mine is inverted as well, so I need to redo part of the process for ACR, of joy :speechless:

it’s ugly without normal map

Of course it does, also missing specs/cosines. They are not there, cos I add them, when its ready to be added in-game

Great work.
Can you also extract this weapons:


Sorry for being a little late on this one. The P416 might not be exactly what you wanted, as there is two variants but variant 2, the most high tier, was broken. I also got normals alongside the regular textures, for that Ravenov dude if he’s interested, and whoever else is.

Also, to the guy who asked, yes, I take any requests.

Could you extract the m45a1 and small laser attachment?

along with the alternate version of the ACR?

I can’t get you the ACR, because its broken. Sorry. The laser sight I have that might fit on the pistol is a surefire, so I’m not sure if that’s exactly what you wanted or not.

dude, thanks, & take your time, we can wait for the ACR variants and their Normal map…

That’s great. And thanks for all weapons, that you’ve extracted earlier.
Now i’m asking about SCAR-L (and SCAR-H if it’s possible).