Tomb of Ashes

Looks excelent. But the music is kina…upbeat? Weird selection. What did you do for the fire effects everywhere?

The embrace of death is a sweet one. hence the upbeat.

also, google.

the grass is a bit crap and you may have overdone the embers a bit but otherwise cool

Personally I don’t see any problem with the grass, but I think you’re right about the embers.

you should have blurred the grass, i think the sharpness is the main problem. it sticks out like a sore thumb

I thought the grass was a cluster of embers at first.
Nice pic though.

The picture seems far too horrifying to go with your romanticized, “death” music. It wasn’t very effective in my opinion.

Otherwise, I guess it’s pretty solid of a picture. I feel like you should not have gotten lazy with the finger posing since I’m not convinced he’s actually holding her and not just letting her hover in his arms.

What music would you recommend?

I’m not angry, just curious.

Personally? I don’t know because it comes to personal taste.

If you felt it fitting that’s fine. I’m just saying that in my opinion I felt it wasn’t effective enough but that’s just me.

Oh I get it, he’s wearing an apron because he’s actually teaching her how to bake, and when he opened the oven all the heat washed over her and she got scared. He feels bad and the picture is actually what the little girl was seeing. Okay, really cool. I dig the grass too. At first I thought it was sparks, but it actually looks cool. The guys blurred on the side look pretty nice too.