Tomb raider Definitive Edition Models

Mainly the new Lara model.

Anyways of extracting or recreating her to use as a mod?

Considering that the Definitive Edition version of the game was for the PS4 and the XBox One, I don’t think this will happen any time soon.

I kinda suspected that would be the case. oh well, I did manage to find a pretty good edited version of the original Lara model ; which was made to look like the CGI version.[/T]

So i took that model and made some extra modifications to the base mesh. (which i made her look a little bit more her age now.)

Remodeled Lara - [LINK]( Croft Remodeled

I’m a bit sloppy on my texture work so i just uploaded the mesh as a .OBJ for anyone who’s better at Moding.

Wondering with theses assets of the actual game model, if someone can turn this into a MOD for the PC version of Tombraider or a MOD for any other game.

damn, I’ve got to say that the original looks way better than the definitive edition one. They seem to have gone for the all the rage Ellen Page design on that.

Wonder why they felt the need to change the head in the first place.

the pc one got some multi gig update two weeks ago. idk what all was in it as i haven’t touched the game since i beat it.

That was them accidentally overwriting english language files with french and then having to patch it back.

I just updated the Remodeled Lara with some more modifications to the mesh. It’s a little bit more softer on the face.


And here’s a small comparison of the fan made model with the original.

If any can reapply the textures to the new tweaked model and save it in XPS format that would be wonderful, but if any can make this into a mod for the actual game, that would be really great.

That looks waaaaaay better. Nice job!

The credit mostly goes to the fanmaker “KonradM96” for the textures and the model. i just went over the face mesh a little. she should look more younger when you apply the textures to the new model.

i noticed the french. didn’t notice a similarly huge patch to revert it though.

it came right after.

So you cleaned all the dirt and applied makeup. Sure does look better

Eh, I like the original one better.

Are your glasses off?

Is that a custom face texture of yours (without the dirt)? I love it! When do you plan on making the texture available

I support this.

Sorry I didn’t explain myself better. I didn’t clean her textures up or enhance them, or create the mesh. there’s two versions of the model (clean and dirty) by the same guy. and the base model used with the enhanced texture is from the actual game. All i did was reposition some of the “polygons” of the model. Here’s a comparison of the original fan made mod and MY changes to the same model. (using the same textures)

The end result is that she looks more younger like how she’s supposed to; similar to the original 2013 Lara. the first link i provided at the top of this page has the original “fan made” model with the same clean textures depicted in the capture. the 2nd link has just the base model modifications to the face, and also some tweaking to make her waist look thinner. both links i provided has ALL the resources for anyone to toy around with.

Anyways, my adtions were made to be similar to the difinitive edtition mixed with the CGI and original model of lara. I’m up for anyone who wants to make either model into a repackaged mod for the actual game, or see it used as a mod in any other game. the resources are yours now.