Tomb Raiders

Full Size (UHD)

Thaaat’s what you were making for the past few hours.
Nice job mate.

Cool setting.

Good stuff, I really like the setting and the models you have used.
But please use PNG next time

Professional tomb raiders wear suits.

Åmäzing scenebuild mäte!

There’s no need honestly. Make sure you middle click the image, the 1600x900 is just a preview. The QHD and UHD ones are higher quality, AND if you still notice jpeg compression, you can just downsample the large one.

this boy ain’t right

A lot of people in this section over-use PNGs. PNG Is for smooth gradients, solid colors, signs with lots of text, etc, not really actual photos (unless you are expecting to edit the image, in which case it’s important to start with something lossless).

For the final product, use a decent JPEG encoder and set the quality to 90 or so. Practically lossless and half the size (or less). I can’t stand it when people shit PNGs everywhere, there’s no reason for a 1080p picture to be 4-5mb after editing. I made a big dumb thread about file formats, but I can’t look it up at the moment :v:


Nothing personal, I’m just an American with a 5 megabit connection, so it makes a difference when people insist on using a big fat PNG for their big images, especially when most people take screenshots in gmod as JPEGs to begin with (which is the one time you shouldn’t, use devshots_screenshot or whatever the command is).

Very nice idea LOA. From what i can tell, the bridge is from witcher 2, the tilted leaves looking like a bush are from portal 2, the wall is from dawnguard and the grass is from hl2. In particular, what i would have added is a volumetric light (under “effects” if you search under hl2) going from the white cave hole.

Completely skipped my mind to do that, that would’ve been great. I’ll leave it is it is for now though, I don’t remember the exact color-correction shit I did :v:

And pretty close. The bridge is from Neotokyo (I’m pretty sure), all foliage is from Portal 2, with the exception of some CSS stuff, I have no idea where the walls are (so you’re probably right).

in my opinion the clean suits clash with the ancient ruins or whatever

[ Contests/ScreenshotEdits/Treasure/Scenebuildt.jpg]( Contests/ScreenshotEdits/Treasure/Scenebuild.jpg)

Here’s the scene itself, for anyone who is interested. And good point about the suits, I probably should’ve went with the gray/brown ones.

Wait, what’s the water texture/prop/material?!?!

A bunch of semi-transparent stacked PHX plates. I saw the mask do it once, pretty spooky

Explain how?

Literally spawn a PHX plate, I used an 8x32 one. Make it any dull white material. Use the color tool to make it blueish and semi transparent (or whatever color you want your water). Then use the stacked tool to stack it down, making a bunch of layers, giving it the appearance of depth.