Tomb Revealed

Hey folks!

Sooo, I’ve been exceedingly bored lately, so I decided to make a scenebuild in flatgrass_night.

There are three versions, simply a lighting adjust difference, but they each have their own special feel.

Everything is 100% ingame effects and Lighting.

Looking good but it’s a bit of a shame that we don’t see the Draugr much!

the lighting is quite bland, it would have been better to use lamps, and the jpeg quality is low, posings not bad though…

I rolled up a 18 initiative.

Seriously though, I love the last one the most with the torch,
But turning off the smoke on it would have been a pretty good idea.
Making it that big and leaving smoke on just looks odd.
Overall though, kickass pic’s.

Oh and one last thing:
“Fem-Squiddy” is named “Asha”

only use lights for small things, use lamps for everything else

and use fog, ALWAYS use fog. i’m not saying you should make it look like silent hill but it adds color and depth when used carefully. and if the fog editor entity doesn’t work, use the “fogui” command

As artistic as this is,shouldn’t this belong in the Perskin thread?

oh yeah that too

I agree with Gobo, the third one is the best of the three. I also really like the posing.

I have to agree with the rest. The lightning is kinda meh.