Tommy Gun

Can someone make Tommy Gun swep please?
(This isn’t necessary, but could anyone who makes it, make it usable for the Mp5 in Counter Strike Source?)
I just thought it would be really cool to see and use for gangster wars or something.

There’s probably one out there already. Have you searched?

Wow, I’m surprised, I didn’t find any on I guess I could do it.

Yeah, I found one, but not for the Mp5. D:

-Snip- Read below post.

Kewl, I just made the exact same thing. :downs:

Is it done?

Yeah, I made it, but it’s pretty much the same thing as what the above guy posted. Anyways, here’s the link.

Thanks a bunch!! Does it work for the Mp5?

well what do you mean does it work for mp5? lika reskin?

Yeah, but never mind, I’m happy with it.

I think there are several different Thompson s out there, look for DOD weapon packs I know they have them in there.


“I made it for some guy on facepunch.”

I’m not mocking you, just kinda funny.