Tomorrow, 1,500 people are getting banned for using Script Enforcer bypasses.

Hurrah, no more goddamn hackers. Win.


Will server owners have access to the banlists? (removing people, custom ban systems etc) or are they hardcoded.

I like opening this bluescreen on people who cheat on my server.

So all the shitlords using HERA should be gone tomorrow?

Rest in pieces, faggots.


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For those who don’t bother with Twitter

There goes a ton of cheaters

Is there any way to see sales of GMod on steam? It would be funny to see post bans tomorrow.

SteamDB has a sales tracker.

I honestly don’t get why people even care. I mean for fucks sake, its gmod, not generic FPS 2014 ranked matchmaking.
There is no reason to restrict their access to the game, server owners can share banlists or just personally ban them if they feel necessary. I by no means support cheaters, but to take away their access to a game that has no form of ranking or no reason to have a fixed objective is just something else.

Whatever, not like this affects me personally or anybody I know…

It’d also be funny to see the hf booter sales go through the roof tomorrow…

Hera isn’t a memory editor. There are a ton of DarkRP servers that have sv_allowcslua set to 1. I imagine a bunch of hera users have gone on those, and used the script without using any of those listed memory editors. So there will be some hera “shitlords” banned tomorrow, but not all of them.

Any proof behind that statement? All hackers… gone?

I doubt there’s only 1500.

Garrysmod will gain 1500 more players.


Apparently the bans are already in the list when you select Dev mode.

there isn’t any list that I could find.

inb4 new bypassers and more hackers.

(User was banned for this post ("inb4" - Orkel))

I like this, but the “ban sprees” seem to be too far apart from each other. This is barely helping the game’s hacker issue, because it doesn’t seem prompt enough.

But honestly I’m glad something is being done against cheaters.