Tomorrow Wipe

Hello, tomorrow is the update day and i know rustafied will wipe since it does weekly wipes but which other are? I know the forced wipe will be on the 5th of november but they also said owners could wipe if they want. You guys know any other server that is wiping tomorrow? (On the official servers ofc, not comunity nor modded)


Dude… Nobody takes care of official servers, they are scum buckets full of hackers, lacking moderators and the only reason they even wipe is the forced wipes every month. Do yourself a favor and find better.

Lol! I never see hackers @ officials and i always play there. Rustafieds servers have Mods online all the time and they have webpages with info on wipes. For ex, rustafied wipes every week and gets 300 ppl after wipe. But facepunchs server, in the other hand, are what you say. (No hackers doe)

Based purely on speculation, I would expect a forced server wipe tomorrow. Why? because…

The monthly server wipe is not synced with the new 2 week up date schedule. There is no point for them to force wipe the servers on 5 November if there is no update on the that day. So if its not next week, when will it be? (I’m not even sure that can force a wipe without a release).

There are some recent changes going in that may need a wipe. For example, the new rules about Tool Cupboard placements, and the removal of half height blocks, and changes to the barricades. These don’t obviously create a need for a wipe, but having existing stuff that is not compatible with changed games is at least a little be weird, and could cause unforeseen issues.

I guess a counter-argument is that there seems to be no sign of dungeons in this build, and a wipe now would mean this stuff could not be put into the next release. If its not going to be ready next week anyway, they might want to sync things up for dungeons in four weeks.

Like I said, pure speculation on my part.

Garry already said forced wipe is on the 5th.