Tonight's Not-So-Grimdark Housemates episode: Anger Management!

So uh I made a comic yeah.

An alternate universe where the 40K races and factions live in (Cold War-ish, as you may notice) peace with eachother in a not too grimdark world/galaxy.

I was originally planning to scenebuild the whole thing, but that was too big of a challenge, even for me.



Da Bandwagon

I think you win forever Joazzz.

I’m not a fan of warhammer, but I still chuckled.

I take it you didn’t understand the inside jokes I threw in then?




Wait… why IS there no booze?

For some odd reason I read all of Frank’s dialogue in John DiMaggio’s voice, and all of the Necron’s in David Cross’

Because Frank drank it all last night but of course doesn’t remember shit about it.

The junk billowing out of the chimney got me good. :v:

Nice comic, solid editing, good pacing. It’s a comic, so don’t hesitate to post the images fullsized; it’s way better then having to open new tabs or such.

I like this. Like Lt_C said, post them full sized (PLEASE).

Oh yeah, and please make more.

Oh Angry Marine, you’re so angry it just makes me laugh.

Changed the thumbnails to full-sized images.

Oh god that was excellent.
By the way, is that an envelope from Wind Waker?

Nope, just some hastily photoshopped envelope with the imperial aquila slapped on it.

Damn, pretty good for hastily put together.