Tons of problems im having

every now and then i will get this error

And when i dont get this error the game will startup and will not how the hotbar like this and the trees have these blue specs that flash around

I also cant craft anything because i cant see the buttons

then for after playing for about 2 mins i will get this screen that i am froze on

let me know if you have had these problems and how to fix them and my computer is not the problem the specs are good. Thanks for your time.

least you can log in ;-;

Your very first picture is what I see every single time I attempt to start up the game.

There’s the usual troubleshooting:

*Update Unity
*Clear cookies, with a program like ccleaner(only one I know of)
*Try another browser

Just trial and error, for me there seems to be a 1/2 chance of getting past the loading screen.


Really, all you need is to simply search on google.

You’re on a laptop.
This game doesn’t support laptops.

Simply right-click on your browsers shortcut,
Run with graphics-processor,
and choose the one that isn’t integrated graphics.

I have already tried didn’t make a difference


getting the same problem, it’s driving me crazy.

Are you sure the problem is laptops? I get the no HUD glitch on a desktop computer too.

Mostly happens on laptops from what I’ve heard, and experienced. My desktop works 100% fine with the game.

Do you have a graphics card or are you just trying to use the integrated graphics?

how do you do that, more specifically. it’s not in my choice.