too dry to cry[/t] [t][/t]
[t][/t] [t]

washed up
take me to church

is that 47 in the golf trainer outfit

endocrinal stimulation

Really good stuff

rip eyes

edit: as in his eyes are too dry so he cant cry

Top left looks like it’s from the music video ‘hozier - take me to church’ at 1:18 lol

nice work


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thats the inspiration boii, thanks

Very Nice!

nice stuff yo

Can I use your gorgeously smooth coach as my avatar pic?

Sure, if you want I can get a version without aperture so it’s clearer.

Yea, I’d love to.

These look fairly good, I particularly like the second and third. I’m not really sure what you were trying to go for in the fourth, it just looks like you posed some guys in the background then took a view model of a hand\pistol and slapped it in front.

You’ve been posting a lot of poses lately, and truth be told there’s not really been a whole lot going on in them. This is likely the reason users like prototype556 (and myself in this instance) have been giving you less than stellar ratings, as we’ve seen you make much more ‘grand’ works in the past with more than 1 or 2 things at most happening in the scene. We’d like to see more content, but aren’t really excited to see generally the same type of thing over and over, even if you’re playing with new editing styles and the like.

That’s fair enough that you have that opinion, you’ve got every right to and everyone has different tastes; I agree with you some of his stuff can be pretty boring but hey some people enjoy it. And if he prefers doing smaller scenes like this then that’s fine that’s what he enjoys making.

This is a hobby not a job.

Did you even read what I said? I called them good, as well as gave my opinion\critique on the others. I don’t particularly like the fourth, nor do I find the first very interesting, but the second and third I quite like.

To me it just seems like you’re blindly throwing yourself in front of any sort of potentially negative interaction between Jimmies anyone on this forum now, using it as an excuse to start drama.


The post I replied to has been edited, and the context to my reply has been lost.

yeah no thats actually the most interesting pic out of the whole lot
but thats a really convincing attempt at making yourself sound rational and grounded tho :ok:

Doesn’t mean it is interesting to him. He said that he just didn’t like it, and that the “first” picture was uninteresting.

It’s an opinion, he’s offering critique based on /his/ opinion. I agree, I find none of them interesting. They look very nice in terms of quality, but I don’t find any of it special or something that intrigues me or makes me think about it, which is the reason I like art and scenes to begin with.

I just like cool stuff and Luxuria makes cool stuff.